Golf Equipment Organizer

Sports equipment can quickly overwhelm a garage or mudroom. Finding an efficient storage solution to keep everything organized so it can easily be found when needed and stored away afterwards is key to keeping things in their proper place.

Experts such as Marie Jackson of The Spruce who specialize in organizing solutions suggest starting by sorting through and grouping together all your equipment into groups with similar items so you know the size and type of organizer to buy.


A sturdy sports equipment storage bench will withstand years of abuse, making it an excellent investment. Look for one with locking mechanisms so as to keep kids’ gear out of reach or one which stores team bats and balls while playing or practicing, with weather-resistant lids and UV protection to prevent yellowing or discoloring over time.

This backless sports storage bench’s dark finish won’t show stains or marks, making it ideal for keeping soccer or baseball equipment secure and neatly organized. With its lockable door and interior ridges to increase airflow to reduce mildew and mold growth, as well as two supports to control lid movement for easy opening/closing action, compatible standard padlocks provide additional security against theft of contents.

Latitude Run offers a freestanding sports storage rack perfect for indoor or outdoor use – this durable sports rack from Latitude Run features specific slots and hooks to accommodate plates and dumbbells, yoga mats or weight sets, folding down for compact storage space when not in use, easy assembly process with fold down feature that folds away compactly for storage when folded away, folding down when ready and comes in various colors to match any decor scheme!


Keep your sports equipment neatly organized with a bench that won’t take up too much room in any room. Keter offers this stylish rattan option designed for outdoor spaces but suitable for use as an indoor storage bench in garage or utility rooms as well. Its faux-wood exterior resists weather conditions while its bins can withstand plenty of wear and tear.

This heavy-duty sports equipment storage bench features a spacious bin design to easily store multiple items at once. The bench top is sturdy enough for athletes to sit and tie their shoes while its bottom unit comes equipped with a slatted shelf perfect for lining up sneakers – all while featuring a built-in cushion for additional comfort seating.

You can organize all sorts of equipment on this versatile bench, including resistance bands, yoga mats, and lightweight dumbbells. Plus it comes equipped with a lid that shields stored items from dust and moisture damage. While some reviews indicate the vinyl padding might not be quite grippy enough for their tastes, most users agree it holds up well and doesn’t rip or stretch with time. Plus it weighs under 24 pounds making moving it around less cumbersome when necessary and its lid locks for security with hydraulic hinges which make opening and closing easy – perfect!


When it comes to sports equipment storage, select a unit that optimizes wall space while remaining easily accessible. That way, you won’t risk tripping over jump ropes and shin guards when getting ready for games. There are various wall-mounted panels, shelves, and cabinets specifically designed to store team sports gear; some also promote air flow to help minimize odors and dry damp items quickly.

Shelves and cabinets provide an effective means of storing items you don’t use very frequently, like off-season apparel or equipment that requires hanging rather than placing on the floor. Furthermore, these solutions work particularly well in rooms with lower ceilings where there may not be room for sports storage benches.

Storage benches can be an affordable and space-efficient alternative for those on a tight budget who lack room for more expensive units, offering many of the same conveniences of wood or metal units while being easier to maintain. Some benches even make portable storage options ideal for school athletic fields or gyms – simply move to new location when games end, then reassemble equipment as soon as you are back ready to play!


Organizing sports equipment can be difficult. Your storage solution depends on how much gear there is to store; small solutions, like Arlmont & Co’s Adrionna sports rack can hold everything from baseball bats and golf clubs to yoga mats and dumbbell weights – saving space both inside the garage or closet and at home.

Professional organizer Marie Jackson recommends measuring the space where you plan to use a storage solution before purchasing, as some items can be complex to assemble and may need two people for safety. She emphasizes the importance of finding pieces with multiple organization options like bins and hooks so you can customize it according to your individual storage needs.

This heavy-duty storage bench was created as an everyday catchall. You can fill its sturdy steel frame with sneakers, balls and outdoor/camping gear – even sneakers! As an added benefit it also doubles up as a shoe stool so kids can sit while taking off their shoes to keep floors tidy! Ideally suited for garages, basements, entryways or living rooms this storage bench makes an invaluable asset.

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